Applied Mathematics for Engineers, Fourth Edition

 Applied Mathematics for Engineers, Fourth Edition

Author: Ramin Esfandiari


The principal goal of this book is to provide the reader with a thorough knowledge of fundamental concepts and methods of applied mathematics utilized in different engineering disciplines. Each topic is covered in great detail, followed by several meticulously worked-out examples, and a problem set containing a large number of additional related exercises. Engineering applications are stressed and integrated throughout the book. And, consistent with that notion, derivation of the mathematical models of most physical systems under consideration is included to familiarize the reader with the basic laws and proper engineering terminology. This latest edition offers a wider spectrum of topics compared to the third edition (2003). These include and are not limited to

  • Amplitude and phase line spectra in Fourier series
  • Frequency spectrum in Fourier transform
  • A new, complete chapter, Fundamentals of Numerical Methods, which covers topics such as
    • Root-finding techniques
    • Polynomial and Fourier approximation and interpolation, including the Fast Fourier Transform
    • Cubic splines interpolation
    • Numerical differentiation and integration
  • A new chapter, Numerical Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations
  • A new chapter, Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations
  • Lanczos tridiagonalization method
An ample part of the material in this book has been rigorously class tested over the past several years. And the valuable remarks and suggestions made by students and professors who used the earlier editions have greatly contributed to making this new edition as complete and user-friendly as possible.

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