Matrix Analysis and Numerical Methods for Engineers

  Matrix Analysis and Numerical Methods for Engineers

Author: Ramin Esfandiari


The principal goal of this book is to provide the reader with a thorough knowledge of fundamental concepts and methods of matrix analysis and numerical methods utilized in different engineering disciplines. Each topic is covered in great detail, followed by several worked-out examples, and a problem set containing a large number of additional related exercises. Engineering applications are stressed and integrated throughout the book.

An ample part of the material in this book has been rigorously class tested - and modified - over the past several years in order to make it as complete and user-friendly as possible.

Each numerical method is accompanied by an algorithm, which may be used for programming purposes. All numerical/ analytical computations in this book have been performed with the aid of MATLAB®. For further information and details, refer to MATLAB Manual for Advanced Engineering Mathematics by R.S. Esfandiari (ISBN: 0-9729990-5-1), Atlantis Publishing Company, 2007.

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