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 MATLAB Manual for Advanced Engineering Mathematics

Author: Ramin Esfandiari

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  • Price: U.S. $39.99
  • ISBN: 0-9729990-5-1
  • 198 pp, soft cover, July 2007
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The main objective of this manual is to help the reader understand how the topics of applied mathematics can be treated symbolically and/or numerically within a computing environment. The selected environment is MATLAB®, specifically, MATLAB Student Version Release 14. This manual may either accompany Applied Mathematics for Engineers, 4th edition by R. S. Esfandiari (Atlantis, 2007), or simply used as stand alone.

Most codes used in this manual are supplied on the accompanying CD. To run the code, simply copy and paste it to the MATLAB Command Window, thus removing the need for entering the code manually. This simplifies the process of exploring the concepts discussed.

The supplied functions are not intended to be highly robust. The programming concepts discussed in the manual are meant to provide a means for exploring the mathematical concepts discussed in Applied Mathematics for Engineers (4th edition). Some of these techniques may not be the ideal methods for performing certain calculations in MATLAB.

What sets this manual apart from other existing products is that in addition to showing how to use the built-in functions, the reader is taught and encouraged to write MATLAB codes to perform complex tasks.

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