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 Applied Mathematics for Engineers, Fourth Edition

Author: Ramin Esfandiari

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  • Price: U.S. $129.99
  • ISBN: 0-9729990-3-5
  • 1132 pp, soft cover, July 2007
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This comprehensive text offers an effective and easy-to-follow coverage of the fundamentals of applied mathematics and their role in engineering analysis. Each topic is presented in great detail and accompanied by a large number of thoroughly worked-out examples, as well as several related exercises. Engineering applications, ranging from mechanical and electrical to structural systems are greatly stressed and integrated throughout the book.

With a unique combination of education and experience in applied mathematics and engineering, the author provides a stimulating outlook on the concepts involved in engineering mathematics.

Highlights include:

  • A detailed coverage of elemental and basic laws leading to mathematical models of dynamic systems (Ch. 1).
  • Derivation of the mathematical models of most physical systems under
  • consideration to familiarize the reader with the proper laws and engineering terminology.
  • A thorough presentation on linear algebra and matrix analysis (Ch. 12-13).
  • Complete discussion of conformal mapping with engineering applications (Ch. 11).
  • Complete coverage of fundamentals of numerical methods (Ch. 14) with applications to ordinary differential equations (Ch. 15), partial differential equations (Ch. 16), and linear algebra (Ch. 17).
  • Extensive coverage of probability and statistics and applications ranging from quality control to random vibrations (Ch. 18).

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