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Numerical Methods for Engineers and Scientists Using MATLAB®, 3rd edition

Author: Ramin Esfandiari

Book Description

  • Price: U.S. $89.99
  • ISBN: 978-0-9729990-6-9
  • 313 pp, hard cover, January 2022
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Numerical Methods for Engineers and Scientists Using MATLAB, 3rd edition, provides the reader with a broad knowledge of the fundamentals of numerical methods utilized in various disciplines in engineering and science. The powerful software MATLAB is introduced at the outset and is assimilated throughout the book to perform symbolic, graphical, and numerical tasks. The textbook, written at the junior/senior level, methodically covers a wide range of techniques ranging from curve fitting a set of data to numerically solving initial- and boundary-value problems. Each method is accompanied by at least one fully worked-out example, followed by either a user-defined function or a MATLAB script file.

New to This Edition

  • Additional details on the presentation of material
  • More hand calculations in the worked-out examples
  • Updated MATLAB codes and functions based on the R2021a Release


  • Introduction to MATLAB®
  • Introduction to Numerical Methods
  • Numerical Solution of Equations of a Single Variable
  • Numerical Solution of Systems of Equations
  • Curve Fitting and Interpolation
  • Numerical Differentiation and Integration
  • Numerical Solution of Initial-Value Problems
  • Numerical Solution of Boundary-Value Problems
  • Numerical Methods for the Eigenvalue Problem
  • Numerical Solution of PDEs


  • Comprehensible pedagogy
  • In-depth presentation of each topic
  • Detailed solutions of examples and case studies
  • Large set of exercises/projects for each topic